All things IT

Getting to grips with how the IT accounts work in Oxford can be confusing so we thought we'd let you have a head start and give you the low-down here. It is recommended that you print this page in order that you have access to instructions on how to access the internet. However, its not a problem if you are unable to do this as we will be sure to display the information within college and Fresher Week Committee members will be on hand to help.

Before you arrive

Emails and Your SSO

Once the University has received your completed University Contract, you will be sent an email from the University IT department detailing the steps you need to take to set up your SSO (Single Sign On) account and email address. Your SSO will enable you to access the majority of the Oxford IT services, such as Weblearn (more information below), SOLO (again, more information below) and emails. Once you have activated your email account be sure to check it regularly as the college and the university will then use it to get information to you. Once you start at Oxford you will need to check your emails very regularly as it is the main means of communication in the university.

Generating a Remote Access Account

In order to access the Wi-Fi at Oxford you will need to create a remote access account using this link. The username you need to use for this account will be the same as your SSO, so be sure to have set your SSO up first. However, it would be wise to create a different password for your remote access account from your SSO. Make sure you can remember your password as you will need this when it comes to logging into the Wi-Fi.


Every year, Oxford University students need to register themselves for their course using Student Self Service. You will need to do some of this before you arrive and will be sent an email with instructions when the registration period opens (1st September 2016). You will need to use your SSO login so make sure you have set this up first. When you sign into Student Self Service you will be asked to check your personal details and confirm that you wish to attend the University of Oxford. Once you have done this, College will complete the remainder of the registration process for you. This will enable you to print out an enrolment certificate which can be used to confirm your student status should you need to do so during the year. You will also need to use Student Self Service later in the year in order to register for your exams.

If you are at all confused about the registration process, this link provides a guideline to registration including screenshots of Student Self Service.

Upon Arrival

Accessing the Internet and Registering Your Computer

There are two means of accessing the internet in Keble: using the Wi-Fi (eduroam) or an Ethernet cable. Wi-Fi is available throughout the university using the same log-on details and so it is important that you login into this. However, it is also advisable to bring your own Ethernet cable as many rooms do not have a strong connection to the Wi-fi.

Logging into the Wi-Fi (this should work for all devices):

  1. Select 'OWL' from the Wi-Fi connections available, this should not require a password.
  2. Go to and click the download installer button. Select 'University of Oxford'.
  3. Choose the operating system your computer is running on. The software should now download. When opened, follow the instructions to install the programme.
  4. Find your remote access account password- you will now need it. You will be asked for your username and password. To access the eduroam Wi-Fi, your username will be in the following form:, where abcd1234 is your SSO username. The password for eduroam will then be the password to your remote access account.

If this process does not seem to work, come and find a member of the Freshers' Week Committee and we will be happy to help you. Information on how to log onto the Wi-Fi using a manual method can be found here.

To access the internet using your ethernet cable:

  1. Plug your computer into the socket in your room using the Ethernet cable.
  2. Open a web browser and enter the address for a non-secure website such as
  3. You should now be asked to register your computer.

If no message about registering your computer appears, this could be to do with the safety settings on your computer. If you are stuck come and find a member of the Freshers Week Committee or head down to IT support who can be found in the basement of the Warden's Lodgings in the corner of Pusey Quad.

Registering Your Bod Card and Creating your Bod Card Password

When you arrive in Keble, you shall be issued your Bod Card. This is one of the most important things you will own in Oxford! It allows you to borrow books, enter buildings, book your meals and purchase food in the cafe and is your proof of identity during exams. Loosing it is a massive pain and will also cost you £10 so is something to be avoided at all costs! In order to use your card to access Keble you will just need to hold the card up to the door scanner on the main lodge door and after a few seconds, the card will register.

When you are given your Bod Card you should receive instructions on how to change your password. Keep this password in a safe place - you will need it, along with your card number, to book for Hall online.

Living at Keble

Weblearn and SOLO

Weblearn is the online centre for everything related to your course. Here you will find handbooks, lecture lists and lecture handouts as well as any updates in your department. SOLO is an online catalogue of all materials available to Oxford students. Library tours will provide information regarding SOLO as well as how to print and photocopy. If you struggle with anything you should ask the librarians or your college parents.

If you struggle with anything IT related at anytime in your course, the IT department are very helpful and can be found in the basement of the Warden's Lodgings in Pusey Quad. The Oxford University Computing Services website is also a valuable source of information.