At the start of Michaelmas Term (1st term) you will be a sent a 'Battels Statement' (this will need to be paid by the end of week 1 - that date will be provided on the statement) which will include between three and four items. These will include your accommodation costs for the term (this will depend on your room selection and allocation), caution money (in case you incur any fines - this will be refunded at the end of your 3 years) and a deposit on your room keys (BBKK is the key used to access corridors and staircases in college and can also be used to enter/exit college from Blackhall Road and the main entrance on Parks Road). These may also include your university fee (£9000) if you have opted to pay your tuition fees outright, instead of getting a loan such as through Student Finance England, or some other form of financial assistance. If you do have a loan with Student Finance England, the fees will not appear on your Battels and will be paid directly to the University by Student Finance England.

At the beginning of each subsequent term your battels statement will include more items. The main item will again be accommodation costs for the term. In addition to that any costs from meals in hall or the café for the previous term will need to be paid for (the above is probably not an accurate reflection of how much meals will cost you for the term!). Other items such as subject black tie dinners and Keble Ball ticket can also be charged to Battels.

There will also be levies to be paid. The Michaelmas bill (paid at the start of Hilary) will include a Sky TV levy (this has been reduced to about £2 each), Charity Levy and 'Reach Ox' levy (which is used to help people from low income countries). For the Hilary term bill (paid at the start of Trinity), there will additionally be a Punt levy which is used to hire punts which members of the JCR can take out during Trinity at no additional cost. The 'Rent Comp Scheme' is used to subsidise those that live out during 3rd year (as there are a limited number of spaces in college for 3rd years to live). Although the amount is yet to be determined, it is likely to be around £50 per term.

If you would like more information about budgeting for Oxford, please check out this page!