While Oxford is not renowned for its clubs, there are still many clubs situated around Oxford's city centre that on the right night are great places to party with your friends and let loose! Here is a brief descriptions of Oxford's main clubs so that you can get an idea of the main places for a night out when you get here:

Park End (Atik) (Wednesday):

Oxfords' best club. Park-End (Atik) is Oxford's largest club, split into three rooms: the main dance room (mainly house music), the R&B room and a whole floor devoted to cheese music. This means whatever your music taste it is likely to be catered for. Wednesday night is Oxford's Sports Night and so Park End is normally very busy: especially early in the year, make sure you don't arrive too late! If you are only looking to go out once in a certain week, Park End on Wednesday is your safest bet.

Bridge (Thursday):

Bridge is arguably Oxford's most popular night with most colleges having a strong contingent here each night. With 2 very different floors, one standard club music and the other mostly house, Bridge is a club that polarizes opinion: some love it, others despise it. The Anuba Bar located just round the back is a bar selling cheap drinks playing mostly reggae music for those looking for a more chill vibe.


Cellar is a fantastic little underground club found just off Cornmarket, the main shopping street of Oxford. Each night is dedicated to a certain type of music. SE10 is a night that caters specifically to UK Garage and Grime while other nights are dedicated to Hip Hop, bassline, 80s music etc. Follow the Cellar page on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest nights.


The Plush Lounge, located beyond Bridge, right by the train station, is Oxford's biggest dedicated LGBT+ club and hosts LGBT+ nights every Saturday that are popular nights in Oxford for all students. Known for its Pole and some of the cheapest drinks in Oxford, Plush provides a fun night.


With two bars and large circular dance floors, Emporium is the host of the official afterparty for all of the Oxford events that take place on a Saturday throughout a year (normally Varsity or rowing-related), on those nights the club gets packed and can be host to a great night! Otherwise, it can be a little bit empty. The first few Disco Stu's of the term are always busy and a fun night.


There are also a variety of other clubs in Oxford: Fever is probably the closest club to Keble, and on Tuesday nights this can be a fun night; the Bullingdon and O2 Academy are located out in Cowley, quite far away from Oxford, but are both extremely popular spots for a night out, especially live music at the O2. The O2 academy housed J-Hus in early 2017 and Lethal Bizzle is coming this October 2017. Purple Turtle is a small club run by the Oxford Union located next to Cellar, free on Wednesdays, this can be a decent night.