Food at Keble

Keble Hall serves 3 meals a day and is a popular choice with students. This is because there are no cooking facilities in individual rooms and hall is generally a much cheaper option than eating outside of college. Kettles and microwaves are allowed in rooms however toasters are banned. Most first year rooms are provided with fridges.

The cost for all food inside college is charged to your bod card. Your bod card is rather like a credit card in that you pay for the debt accumulated throughout term at the start of the next term via battels. The hall schedule is completely different in Fresher's Week, so make sure you check out the timetable page for this.


Monday to Friday, 8:15 - 9:45

Format: Canteen-style/self-service

Cost: A typical breakfast will cost about £2 to £3.

Options/Menu: Toast, sausages, bacon, eggs, beans, hash browns, croissants, cereal, yoghurt and fruit etc.


Items are paid for individually using your bod/university card.

Most students who have 9am lectures choose to do breakfast in their rooms (cereal and milk - see section on supermarkets)

At weekends, hall serves brunch. (See below)


Weekends, 10:30 - 12:00

There is a similar choice of food to the normal breakfast during the week. Lots of people choose to go to brunch and it is a good sociable occasion to catch up on the week's activities.


Monday to Friday, 12:30 - 13:45

Format: Canteen-style/self-service

Cost: The Daily Lunch Special is around £3.10.


Daily Lunch Special examples include bangers and mash, curry, and fish and chips on Friday. There is always a vegetarian option.

There are the following options in addition to the main meal: pizza, pasta, chips, jacket potatoes, sandwiches and salad.


Items are paid for individually using your bod/university card.

There is often quite a rush at 12:30 with many students arriving a 5-10 minutes early. As a result the queue can be quite large, this generally subsides by around 1:00.

At weekends, hall serves brunch instead. (See above)

Dinner (Formal Hall)

Every Tuesday, Thursdays of odd weeks & Fridays of even weeks at 7:00

Format: Formal Hall (Served), Gown worn over normal clothes.

Cost: Prices are around £7.20 and £6.50 for the vegetarian option.


The food is often fairly traditional: meat with a sauce served with vegetables and some sort of side, normally potatoes but sometimes rice or pasta. However, they sometimes get creative, with variable results.

There are also options for vegetarians, vegans and other requirements. This sample menu gives you a good idea about the food that is served in hall.


You must book online at before 15:00. Note that this will not be necessary for most of freshers week, see the timetable for details

You can cancel bookings before 3pm on the day. After this time, you can offer your meals up for swap and also obtain meals that have been offered on swap until 6pm through the same meal booking system.

All meals will be three courses.

On days with black ties Formal Halls will be cancelled and an Informal Hall will be put on earlier (see below).

You need to bring your bod card with you as this is scanned before you enter hall. Also, wine can be bought from hall with your bod card, currently you cannot bring your own alcohol into hall.

Be in hall for 19:00 (you will not be allowed in after high table arrives). Food is served after the arrival of high table and grace, usually at about 19:10. Unfortunately, you also cannot leave hall and return after this point.

Dinner (Informal Hall)

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday of even weeks, Friday of odd weeks, Saturday & days when there are black ties. Arrive 6:00-7:30

Format: Self-Service, no gowns required. Much the same as lunch.

Cost: The same as lunch.

Options/Menu: The same as lunch.

Details: On days when there is a black tie Informal Halls will be put on before the black tie.

Sunday Dinner

Sunday, 7:00

Format: Formal Hall (Served), Gowns Required.

Cost: Prices are around £7.20 and £6.50 for the vegetarian option.

Options/Menu: Three course roast dinner, with some sort of salad for starter and something like chocolate fudge cake for dessert.


You book for Sunday dinner using the same meal booking system. It is more popular than Formal Hall and can become fully booked so make sure you book a few days in advance.

The college choir sings grace from the balcony before people are served.

Black Ties

Not regular, but same day as Formal Hall. 7:00

Format: Formal Hall (Served), Black tie (no gowns).

Cost: The prices will be decided in advance and you will be told when booking.

Options/Menu: Three course, usually the food is very good (A menu should also be sent out before hand) and wine is served.


They usually have themes such as 'rowing black tie' or subject orientated black ties.

Note only those invited may go & they will replace formal hall for the evening.

Alternative Eating Arrangements in College

Keble Café

Found in the Sloane Robinson building on the first floor, above the theatre, the café is a great place to eat and socialise during the day. As well as being a great place to work if you'd prefer to be distracted by real people instead of Facebook, it also serves a range of hot and cold food, including sandwiches, paninis and snacks. It's open from 11am - 6pm, seven days a week, as well as late hours until 11pm twice a week. (See café)

Keble Bar

In addition to being one of the best value bars in Oxford, serving a wide array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, Keble bar also serves a selection of snacks and toasties for when you fancy eating slightly more informally. (See bar)

Eating Out in Oxford

If Hall food doesn't take your fancy or you want to go out for a special occasion then there are many places in Oxford to choose from. Take a look at the Oxford Food section for ideas.