Items To Bring

Deciding what to bring to university can be a really difficult task. This is particularly an issue in Keble since every student has to move in and out of their room every term, so it's worth considering trying to be efficient with space. Nonetheless, listed below is a list of essentials that ought to help you get started with planning what to bring and what to leave at home. Happy packing!

Do Bring

  • Clothes. Probably the most essential thing you'll bring, and one that is hopefully obvious why you'll need them.
  • Duvets, bed sheets and pillow cases. Everyone is provided with a bed and pillows by college but unless you pay an extra charge, duvets, sheets and pillowcases must be brought. An important note is that, although 2 pillows are provided for every room, duvets typically are not so make sure that you bring a duvet with you!
  • Computer, printer and Ethernet cable. Keble does have a computer room that is open 24/7, and there are a couple of computers in the library, but it is always helpful to have a computer of your own, ideally a laptop that you can use to take notes in lectures and work on the go. You can connect to the internet via the eduroam network or the Ethernet port located in every student room. To connect to the Ethernet port, an Ethernet cable is required - the IT services in college sell Ethernet cables but if your laptop does not have an Ethernet port, an adapter (typically, an Ethernet to USB adapter is sufficient) is required and the college does not sell those so it is worth bringing one with you. Also, all computers that are brought to college must have anti-virus software installed otherwise computing services won't allow you to access the university network. Microsoft Security Essentials and Sophos Anti-Virus (available via a university license here) are free, reliable options.
  • Sub fusc. As mentioned on the to do list, sub fusc is an absolute must as it is necessary for your exams and official university ceremonies such as matriculation. This consists of a gown and mortarboard with specific formal dress: a dark suit, white shirt, white bow tie, black shoes and dark socks; or a white shirt, black ribbon necktie, black skirt/trousers, black tights, and black shoes. The gown, mortarboard and ribbon/bow tie can be ordered online from either Shepherd and Woodward, or Walters - there's no real difference between the two. Make sure you buy the full set when you do as even though you don't wear your hat until graduation you will still need it.
  • Laundry Items. To wash your clothes, you can use the college-provided washing machines (£2 for a wash). However, you'll have to use your own soap and colour catchers as these are not provided. It's worth considering bringing a drying rack as well if you'd rather save money and not use the tumble dryers that the college provides. Bringing a strong laundry bag or some other way of transporting your dirty washing is also necessary.
  • First aid kit. Painkillers, bandages, antiseptic cream, scissors, tweezers and any medication that you are on will all be handy for any minor injuries or illnesses you get in the first few weeks. Don't worry about bringing everything though - there is a Boots 5 minutes walk from college so there's no need to bring a years' supply.
  • Toiletries.Make sure you bring the essentials, such as a toothpaste, toothbrush, , shampoo and conditioner, deodorant and anything else you need for your day to day life. If you have an en-suite you will also need to bring your own toilet paper, although not if you have a shared bathroom. Also, not all rooms have a full-length mirror so one of those might come in handy as well.
  • Stationery and books. Because you're coming here to study. Pens, pencils, notepads, calculators, staplers, hole punchers and folders are all essential for the organised student. Any relevant textbooks that your tutors may have informed you of prior to your arrival would also be helpful.
  • Formal clothing. Oxford hosts lots of different formal events, with each subject group, college sports team and society hosting an annual black tie dinner in Hall and there are a large number of balls that take place in Oxford. if you are planning to attend any of these you should bring some form of black tie with you. This is typically a dinner jacket or tuxedo for guys and formal dresses for girls (If you don't have this already don't worry about buying it now there are cheap ways of getting formal dresses once you're here such as the Oxford Ball Gown Swap and Shop
  • Coat hangers. The wardrobes are quite small so you will want to use all of the hanging space available.
  • Any important documents. Bank details, driving license, passport and student finance documentation are all handy as you never know when you may require them.

Worth Considering Bringing

  • A printer. Although Keble does have printers available for use 24/7, you might want to consider bringing your own if you want that added convenience.
  • Bike and lock. If you're interested in taking part in sport, having a bike is definitely a good idea as the sports grounds can be a long way by foot. Otherwise, everything else in Oxford's city centre is very close so unless you're planning on heading out of the centre of town for whatever reason (i.e the tasty restaurants in Cowley), a bike isn't the necessity that some might tell you it is in Oxford. If you do bring a bike, make sure that you have bike lights and a secure d-lock. Also note that you can store your bike at Keble throughout the year, even outside term times, and that the lodge lets you borrow their bike pump and sells bike locks if you do need a new one at any point.
  • Iron and ironing board. Can come in handy.
  • Microwave, kettle and other kitchen items. Keble's hall provides food for every meal, but if you want to save money or prefer added flexibility there's always the option to prepare food in your room. Unfortunately, Keble does not as yet have any kitchen facilities so you will have to rely on cold food or microwavable meals - although the more you cook in a microwave, the more you realise how much you can do in one! If you do plan on cooking for yourself, make sure that you bring, as an absolute minimum, plates, cutlery, mugs, a kettle and a microwave. Other things that come in handy include tin foil, a sieve, a large microwavable dish, heatproof gloves, a chopping board, a cutting knife, as well as the food and spices that you'll want to bring. Some students will also have to bring a mini fridge with them, although most rooms provide them - when you find out what room you're living in check out the Accommodation page to see whether you have a fridge provided in your room or not.
  • Bath mat, hand soap and hand towel. If you have your own bathroom you will need to bring these, and if you share a bathroom (which are almost always shared between just two people) at least one of you will have to have brought all of these items so it's worth making sure by bringing them yourself!
  • Fancy dress. Keble hosts BOPs, big fancy dress parties, regularly so it's worth bringing any fancy dress items that you already have with you to help you create your costumes! Don't panic about buying new things though, all the themes are very flexible and you'll have fun making costumes with your friends.
  • Decorations for your room. Every student room is very bare so bring posters, rugs, cushions, photos, throws, or plants - anything to make your room feel like home! If you are going to decorate your room, use white-tack to stick things to the walls as blue tack is banned.
  • Cleaning items. The college has scouts - cleaners who come to clean your room and bathroom on a weekly basis - so bringing cleaning items is not necessary. However, in the day-to-day business of life, if you particularly enjoy having a tidy room you may want to consider bringing some antibac spray or any other cleaning products that you think would be useful.
  • A rucksack. It will make your life easier bringing books and laptops too and from the library/lectures.
  • Under-bed boxes. If you're one of those people who needs a little more storage space then these are a great solution. NB really try not to bring too much stuff as it will annoy your parents when you have to move ALL of it out and the end of each term.

Do Not Bring

  • Fire hazards. Due to how old some of the buildings are, the college is very particular about anything that may cause a fire. You are not allowed any other kitchen appliances aside from a kettle and a microwave, which unfortunately prohibits useful appliances such as toasters, grills and rice cookers. Candles and incense are also prohibited.
  • Pets. It seems fairly obvious but college prohibits all animals, so just in case you planned on bringing your hamster - don't.
  • Blu-tack and nails. The college encourages students to decorate their rooms but blu-tack stains the walls so please use white-tack for any posters or photos you may be considering sticking to your wall! Similarly, you cannot nail anything into the wall of your room, although most of the rooms in Pusey and Liddon (usually 2nd year rooms) have a poster board that you can tack things too. You will have to pay for any damage caused by blu-tack or nails. Note that college provides hooks in the lodge that can be used as a suitable alternative for anything you may wish to hang..
  • Cars. Keble does not have parking spaces for student cars and parking in Oxford is very expensive. To be honest, everything you will need is in walking or biking distance from the college so you will have no real need of a car anyway.
  • Pots and pans. Keble only has kitchen facilities in your third year so, the most advanced kitchen vessel you will need is a large microwavable dish.
  • Every book on your reading list. The college and university libraries will all be fully stocked with the books that you will need so buying them outright is a waste of money. Saying that, there are some subjects where having your own copy of the textbook is very useful so ask your college parents if you're unsure.

If you're not sure about any of these items or any others that you think you should bring but you're not sure please feel free to ask one of the Fresher's week committee or your college parents. No question is a stupid question.