Hello foodie friends at Keble! Sit yourself down and look at a map and mark where Cornmarket St, High St, Broad St, the Covered Market, and Gloucester Green Square are, as these places will provide most of your culinary haunts. But please also make an effort to check out Cowley Road, as it is not as far away as it seems, and is well worth the walk!

Cheap & Delicious

From L to R: The Gloucester Green Market, Gloucester Green Square at Dusk, George Street.

First things first - Oxford is NOT a cheap place to eat! To save money, getting savvy with a microwave and Tesco runs combined with going to hall comes out cheapest. However, sometimes all you want is a quick lunch to grab in between lectures or library sessions at the Rad Cam.

The Covered Market, which closes at 5PM, is a good place for quick fixes, with the Alpha Bar for health geeks, and the Oxford Sandwich Company for amazing baguettes to munch on the Rad Cam ledges. For hot food, a veggie Pad Thai at Sasi's Thai is £5, or you can grab a Korean bibimbap from Jeong's Dosirak.

On Wednesdays and Thursdays 9AM-4PM and Saturdays 10AM-5PM, check out the awesome market on Gloucester Green square, and explore the global food fiesta that takes place! Try the Tibetan stall and the Chinese massive dumplings. Otherwise, Leon, Pret and Wasabi are just some of the options on Cornmarket Street.

Download the Dealer App and grab some great deals for Jimbobs, which does a great Bacon and Brie baguette. This app also comes in handy on the occasions for when you want to splash out for dinner, as there are plenty of restaurants which offer discounts through the app.

Closer to Keble is the dearly loved Najar's Place (the little blue hut near St Johns College) which does an amazing falafel wrap, and also Taylors on Little Clarendon St. for pasta and baguettes.

For dinner, cheaper options within Gloucester Green Square include Noodle Nation is half price on Mondays for students, Angrid Thai opposite the George St Odeon, and the awesome fast food kiosk Pizza Stazione which offers a large pizza for £5 from Monday to Thursday (I recommend 'Stazione Special' or 'American Hot'). Grab half price Itsu at 9.30 but get there quickly as the queues get long.

Coffee Dates 'n' Chill

Waterstones Café on the second floor of Waterstones is an on-demand study spot. Grab a spot next to the pillars as those are the ones with plugs!

If you're ready to splash out a little in an artsy environment, Georgina's in the Covered Market and the George St. Social have amazing décor for your inner hipster (they also do sweet potato fries!). The Rose Café on High Street, and the Art Café are also nice for a coffee break with friends or a date, as is the awesomely cute Opera Café in Jericho. Gail's Bakery on Little Clarendon St, or the Vaults and Gardens opposite the Rad Cam are more expensive, yet impressive options, with seats outside to enjoy the sun. Formosan in a little alleyway first on your right on the High Street is a hidden gem, serving fresh, authentic bubble teas.

Closest to Keble are the Green Café and Gail's Bakery. Despite the admittedly justified hype around G&Ds' ice cream, keep in mind that they are slightly guilty of daylight robbery with the pricing of their hot food. However, they're open 'til midnight, if you happen to catch a late night craving for expensive ice cream.

For cafés to study in (try working in a café if libraries/your room/your friend's room is not doing it for you), the café on the second floor of Waterstones is great for extended study sessions as there is no pressure to leave, and they also do great cakes and grilled pesto and mozzarella sandwiches. Café Nero in Blackwells on Broad St. is another popular spot. In both, you can grab a book off the shelves to read in peace. Keep in mind that most cafes and places to eat get really busy on the weekends. Pret A Manger is also a nice place to study, but beware the loud music.

From L to R: pop-culture fest within Georgina's in the Covered Market, Brasenose Lane (the great short-cut from the Rad Cam to the Covered Market and Cornmarket St.), food at Georgina's (I recommend the Mexican Chicken Wrap)

Splashing Out

For those rare occasions where splashing out is done guilt-free, take a walk down George Street, which is chock full of restaurants to choose from, including GBK, Zizzi's, and the Opium Den.

For Chinese, Shanghai 30s opposite Christ Church College is Michelin starred and features beautiful thirties décor, and Sojo on Hythe Bridge St. does a great dimsum set. For Italian, Gino's Spaghetti House just beyond Gloucester Green does amazing Italian food. For Indian and an amazing Peshwari naan (a must!), look to Chutney's on St Michael's St, which is also home to hipster haven The Handle Bar, with the fairy lights and décor to match. One could also try the rooftop restaurant in the Ashmolean museum.

If you're willing to walk a little further, Cowley Road is a cultural haven with food from all over the world, from Greece to the Middle East, with Taberu serving amazing Japanese food. For pubs, check out the lovely Turf Tavern hidden away in an alleyway off Holywell St. There's also a classic 'Spoons on George St. Closer to Keble, the Eagle and Child is perfect for Lord of the Rings and Narnia fans for its history as a haunt for the Inklings.

From L to R: The Handle Bar is up there with the George St. Social and Georgina's for hipster heaven décor! Also check out the sweet potato fries at the social. They also do great avocado toast.

Fast Food

There is a slew of fast food vans that, all individually favoured by different colleges. Keble's own? Hussein's, found opposite the Taylorian Library on St Giles. Chips, cheese and gravy are a wonderful thing at 2AM, whether after a night out or mid essay-crisis. On Cornmarket are the standard well-knowns, including KFC, Burger King and MacDonalds.


Tesco and Sainsbury's are both 5 minutes walk away from the back entrance of Keble (the magic gate). Follow the pathway towards the Lamb and Flag pub onto St. Giles and then turn left. Head towards the city centre and they will be on your right hand side before reaching Cornmarket street (hopefully you will become familiar with all of this after the tour of Oxford). The £3 meal deals provide a reasonable alternative to eating in hall if you forget to book. There is a larger Sainsbury's in the Westgate centre and also a Marks and Spencer in the city centre as well. If you happen to be up at the sports fields then Summertown has a range of supermarkets including a co-op, Sainsbury's and M&S.

Written by Esther Jeon