Important People in College

The Warden

Keble College Warden

Sir Jonathan Phillips - The Warden is the man ultimately responsible for all college matters. He can be found in the house at the far corner of Pusey - he will introduce himself in the welcome meeting at the beginning of term.

The Senior Tutor

Keble College Senior Tutor

Dr Ali Rogers - The Senior Tutor is responsible for the academic well-being of the college. He is available to any student of any subject to discuss anything that might be worrying you - usually, however, your subject tutor can deal with most issues.

The Dean

The Dean

Prof. Stephen Faulkner - The (Senior) Dean is the somewhat scary figure responsible for discipline around college; to be "Deaned" is to be told off by this man. One should therefore hope that you won't see much of him. The Dean is helped by three Junior Deans - these are graduate students who will be appointed in October 2017.

The Bursar

Keble College Bursar

Roger Boden - The bursar is in charge of both the large-scale operations, such as refurbishing college buildings, and the smaller-scale things, such as chasing fines and battels.

College Office Staff

Keble College Office Staff

There are a number staff members employed by the college who will be happy to help with accommodation, exams, Bod cards, etc. They are lovely, friendly people, and can be found in the College Office, in staircase 2 of Pusey. The IT staff are incredibly helpful if anything goes wrong with your computer, and will make sure getting up and running with the college internet connection is quick and easy. They can be found beneath the Warden's lodgings; down the staircase at the far end of Pusey quad.

The Chaplain

Keble College Chaplain

Rev'd Nevsky Everett - The chaplain is responsible Chapel and is head of the college Welfare team; he is therefore available for confidential pastoral or spiritual care, for anybody, regardless of religious background or views. All freshers will be scheduled a quick and informal meeting with him during Freshers' Week, and his office is open year round (with tea and chocolate!).

The Porters

Keble College Porters

This is the group of staff you will probably meet the most regularly; the dedicated team of porters are available 24 hours a day in the Porters' Lodge, and deal with post, laundry tokens, lost items, etc. They also seem to know where everything and everyone is, not only around college, but the whole of Oxford, so should be able to help you get anywhere or find anyone if need be.

The Accommodation Manager

Janet Knight - The Accommodation Manager is responsible for allocation and management of accommodation, and for cleaning and waste disposal.

The College Nurse

Glenys Knighton - The college nurse is happy to help with any medical advice or treatment. She is based at Somerville college and has drop-in clinics at these times, or if you are too ill to leave your room, you can contact the lodge and she will visit you.

More information on staff and contact details can be found in the college handbook.