Important Places in Keble

Porters' Lodge

Located immediately on your left as you enter the college through the main gate, the porter's lodge ("plodge" for those short on time) serves as a reception and houses all students' and fellows' pidges. Make friends with the porters: they quite literally hold the keys to the college and will be your first port of call in case of lost items. Booking for activities such as punting can also be found in the lodge, as well as an emergency telephone and confused tourists.

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Opened in 1878, Keble College hall is the longest in Oxford and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner every weekday, as well as brunch and dinner at the weekend. Some say that Hogwarts' hall was intended to be based on Keble's rather than Christ Church's; others that Keble hall is only a few inches longer than the next longest. What is known is that there are three formal dinners weekly (see food for more information), and that most college examinations are sat here.

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Keble's library is gothic in style, open 24/7 and filled with answers. A quiet place to work, it is staffed 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday, and allows students up to 15 simultaneous book loans. Power sockets and internet access are provided, making the library the perfect remedy to essay woes. Subject specific inductions usually take place in Freshers' Week, so don't be daunted if its intricacies seem unclear.

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Keble's retro bar is one of the best value in Oxford - pints can often be had for as cheap as £2.00 - and serves a wide array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, as well as bar snacks and toasties. A darts board, jukebox and table tennis table liven the atmosphere on days when bops, open mic nights and concerts are not taking place; despite its funky design, the bar is entirely devoid of the probing usually associated with flying saucer shaped structures.

The bar is also home to "The Red Brick Oven", Keble's very own pizza bar. Here you can get a large pizza with a range of toppings, cooked to order while you wait, for as little as 4. Open every day until 9:30pm, whether its a late night revision snack you're looking for, or just treating yourself for waking up in time for your 9AM, the pizza bar is the ideal place.

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Located on the first floor of the Sloane Robinson building, the café is the most sociable place in college to eat, work and be merry during the day. With a range of food and hot and cold drinks, it's the best alternative workspace if you'd prefer to be distracted by real people instead of Facebook. It's open from 10:30am - 6pm, seven days a week, as well as late hours until 11pm twice a week.

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Realised Oxford's too small to make walking a viable form of exercise? Or simply looking for an excellent value gym that's two minutes from your room? Keble gym is the solution, offering termly or yearly membership, a range of exercise equipment and 7am - 11pm opening. Inductions are held at the start of every term, so whether you're looking to train seriously or simply stay in shape, the college gym is a cheap and convenient alternative to the university-wide facilities.

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Keble's impressive chapel was finished a few years later than the original buildings but retains William Butterfield's distinctive style and detail. As a college, there is of course no pressure at all to participate in religious activities, but the beauty and space provided by the Chapel are open to all. A thriving community exists around it, however, and the Chapel itself is always open for prayer and reflection. See the Christian Union page for more information.

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Junior Common Room

Recently renovated, the JCR serves as a meeting room, TV room, and games room. It is equipped with Sky TV, a pool table, table football, a vending machine and the "quiz box", an unforgiving beast whose knowledge is matched only by its grip over undergraduates' wallets. The common room is usually at its busiest during contentious televised sporting fixtures, general elections or the fortnightly JCR meetings in which motions concerning crucial matters are pounced on with nearly as much fervour as the free food provided.

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Laundry Room

Possible the most forgotten about place in Keble, but arguably one of the most important, is the Laundry Room. Situated just down the steps from the passageway between Liddon and Hayward Quads, this room contains 6 washing machines and 6 tumble dryers. Both can be used with cash; washing machines: £2 ; and tumble dryers: free. Tokens for these can be obtained from the Porters' Lodge if exact change is unavailable. Make sure to buy detergent and to put it in before you close the door!