Freshers' Week Timetable

Events in red are compulsory to attend.

Events in green are not mandatory but you are encouraged to attend.

Library tours are in blue and one of them is compulsory per subject. Information on which one is to be confirmed.

Click on any event to view its location within the College.

College Library Tour Times (Compulsory)

Wednesday 4th October

09:00-09:20 Physics, Engineering
09:20-09:40 Theology & Religion, Philosophy & Theology, Philosophy & Mod Langs
09:40-10:00 Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Biological Sciences
10:20-10:40 English, English & Mod Langs,Music
10:40-11:00 PPE

Friday 6th October

09:00-09:20 History, History & Politics, History & Mod Langs, Classical Archaeology & Ancient History, Ancient & Modern History, Archaeology & Anthropology
09:20-09:40 Law, Law with European Law, Law with French Law, Modern Languages
09:40-10:00 Mathematics, Maths & Computer Science, Computer Science
10:00-10:20 Human Sciences, Geography
10:20-10:40 Chemistry
10:40-11:00 Economics & Management