To-Do List

The hard work is done: you've survived the interview, sat your exams and secured your place at Keble. But there are still a few more things you need to do before you come up in October.

  1. Have a look at the official Oxford University page for new students.
  2. Sign and return the University Student Contract sent to you. Later you will be sent your IT account login details, and you can then complete your student registration online.
  3. Print out, sign and return all the forms located here. Make sure these are checked thoroughly as these forms include your college contract and your medical documents! (You will need the username and password that was emailed to you to access the website)
  4. Make sure that you've registered for your student finance! Make sure that you have a student bank account and that all your finances are sorted out as once the busyness of term starts it's very difficult to find enough time to sort everything out! Make sure that you've applied for the loan you need - whether it cover just your fees, or your maintenance, or both - make sure that you have it all sorted and you know what you need! If you're likely to be covered by part of Oxford's bursary scheme, or even if you aren't, make sure that you send your application for student finance in as soon as possible as Oxford uses the information you send to the student finance providers to give out burasries and that can take a lot of time to process!
  5. After you receive the email from the University IT department, set up your SSO account and register online following the steps detailed here.
  6. Buy your sub fusc. Everything you need can be purchased online at Shepherd & Woodward or Walters, or in Oxford when you arrive, though make sure you leave yourself plenty of time if you'd prefer to get your sub fusc this way.
  7. Make sure not to miss out on your Keble College stash - order now! This includes your free Freshers' T shirt, alongside sweatshirts, trackies and bobble hats and more...
  8. Start looking at your reading lists or any work you may have been set prior to your arrival - often this work will form the basis of your initial meetings with your tutors, so make sure you invest yourself fully in order to make a good first impression! Don't be that person stuck in their room doing all their holiday work in freshers' week!
  9. If you haven't already, join the Keble College Oxford Offer Holders 2016 Facebook page to ask any questions and maybe chat to a few people before you arrive!
  10. Check out the What to Bring section for information on other useful things to buy for your life at Keble, and start shopping!
  11. Plan your route, get here and move in!


  1. If you are international student, make sure to check out international student section.
  2. Official Oxford New Starter Checklist
  3. If you have any questions, feel free to email the freshers' week committee or your college parents and they'll be as helpful as possible!